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NATIONSTAR New Three-Dimensional Packaging LED


Since 2016, NATIONSTAR has entered the field of LED vehicle light and jointly developed with international and domestic vehicle light brand companies to create reliable solutions for the whole vehicle LEDs system. After nearly four years of technical accumulation and market testing, the company has outstanding advantages in vehicle LEDs, which are verified according to the current most stringent AEC-Q102 standard, with humidity sensitivity passed the highest level MSL1, zero failure to thermal shock for 1000 times. With design, development, production and quality control in accordance with IATF16949 car quality management system, they fully meet the performance requirements of IEC 60810 and LED packaging.

NATIONSTAR vehicle LEDs include visible and invisible light parts, with specifications covering PLCC2 series, PLCC4 series, PLCC6 series, EMC series and ceramic series, and power ranging from 0.1W to more than 10W, and the products cover internal light source, external light source and vehicle sensors, which can be widely used in the all-around vehicle light system including dashboards, door lights, reading lights, displays, brake lights, fog lights, side lights, tail light, head light (far and near), directional light, back up sensor, light source sensor and infrared night vision system.

The new three-dimensional packaging LED is the latest "high-end" technology achievement of NATIONSTAR in the field of LED vehicle light. With three-dimensional columnar integrated structure and six-side light output designed with photothermal coupling, it has heat dissipation structure: evaporation zone, adiabatic zone and condensation zone, which perfectly solves the problems of low packaging density, serious absorption of adjacent chips and failure to achieve more than 180° light output angle in traditional planar LED.

NATIONSTAR new three-dimensional packaging LED has many outstanding advantages, such as large luminous angle, high integration, high brightness, high reliability and excellent heat dissipation performance, with brightness higher than that of planar packaging light source by 45%; its integration 10.7 times that of planar packaging light source and its lumen density is 18 times that of planar packaging light source. Its outstanding advantages have been tested and verified by the head light assembly system of a brand, leading the new trend of high reliability of vehicle lights.

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