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NationStar Has Undertaken Tremendous Transformtion Over the Past 45 Years


A State Owned Factory in the Planned Economy Era

In 1969, Foshan Semiconductor Material Factory, the predecessor of NationStar was founded. Subordinate to Foshan Electronic Industry Bureau, the national company was a main manufacturer of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon and silicon epitaxial slices.
In 1976, fficially launched the production of GaAsP LED chips and Lamp LED. That made the factory an earliest member of LED manufacturers in China.
In 1976, merged with Foshan No. Eight Electric Factory, and changed its name to Foshan Optoelectronic Equipment Factory (FOEF).


An OEM Manufacturer in the Reform and Opening Era

In 1981, imported LED panel display manufacturing lines from Japan Sanyo Electric ( Hong Kong ), which marked the cooperation of FOEF and SANYO on LED manufacture. 
In 1991, imported the automatic manufacturing lines on LED Lamps from Tottori Sanyo.
In 1996, was awarded as Best 1949-1995: Biggest Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturer and Exporting Base; Infrared Receiver, one of the signature products of the company was certified as National New Product.


An Independent innovation Private Enterprise in the New Century
In 1999, Dr. Wang Yaohao was nominated as General Manager. The company started its explore in independent innovations.
In 2000, R&D Centre was founded, followed by the first inauguration of post-doctors.
In 2002, Foshan Optoelectronic Equipment Factory changed from national company into private enterprise, named as Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics Ltd. LED slice was certificated as Nationally Significant product. The first patent of NationStar was issued.
In 2004, NationStar received the titles of National High-Tech Enterprise and Key Hi-Tech Enterprises of the National Torch Programme.
In 2005, Surface-Mount LEDs received certificates of National Torch Programme from Ministry of Science and Technology.
In 2007, NationStar moved to New Plant in Foshan National High-Tech Development District. Finishing the shareholding reform, the company changed its name to Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
In 2008, under the approval of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, NationStar set up its Post-Doctoral Research Center.


A High-tech Listed Company in the Integration of LED Industry Chain
(2010- now )
In 2010, NationStar started its stock market listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
In 2011, NationStar invested in Foshan NationStar Semiconductor Technology co., LTD, beginning its extension to the upper-stream of the industry chain.
In 2011, the sale figure exceeded 1 billion RMB. Local and National Joint Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting Materials and Modules was founded under the direct approval from National Development and Reform Commission. 
In 2013, the Epitaxial chips had been put into mass production. Along with the significant development in assembling and Lighting Productions, NationStar adopted the vertical integration of up-, mid-, and downstream.

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