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0.4 billion investment goes into NATIONSTAR to expand LED encapsulation business


As of mid-November, the major LED companies have been planning for next year, either expanding the scale or positioning to specialize in market segments. This weekend, NATIONSTAR(002449.SZ) released three announcements in a row, among which “ NATIONSTAR will be self-funded to invest the program of LED components production expansion” is most notable, apart from “more capitals into NATIONSTAR semiconductor co.,ltd and INVENLUX”.

It is reported this production expansion is mainly on outdoor display LEDs, indoor display LEDs and white LEDs for lighting products. Currently the transformation of plants and production lines has been completed and the new-purchased instruments will be arrived in early 2016, installed and put into use before March.

As a matter of fact, despite the general environment of falling prices in the LED sector, even with an astonishing tempo, the genuine demand has always been firmly on the rise. Therefore, enlarging the production to decrease the cost is the general measurement the manufacturers take to adapt this situation.

“ NATIOSNTAR, on one hand, intended to improve the market competitiveness of the products through production expansion, on the other hand, hoped to develop as far as possible in market segments by exploring more on industrial know-how and mastering the core technologies.” said Liu, Board Secretary.

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