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Establishment of NATIONSTAR GmbH


Recently, NATIONSTAR has successfully completed the German subsidiary abroad-registration and formally established NATIONSTAR GmbH. Based on the central part of Dusseldorf, Germany, NATIONSTAR GmbH covers an area of about 150 square meters, equipped with offices, meeting rooms and exhibition halls and other facilities. With good location and convenient transportation, it only takes 10 mins walk from NATIONSTAR GmbH to Düsseldorf train station.

To stay focused, NATIONSTAR has always prioritized Germany as the most important country in its developing markets division, and undoubtedly the establishment of NATIONSTAR GmbH will further strengthen the development in Germany as well as in European market. It is another significant  initiative of NATIOSNTAR to improve its global management strategy, after authorization of white LED by Toyoda Gosei and other international collaborations.

Meanwhile, NATIONSTAR OPTOELECTRONICS LLC is in the pipeline and expected to set up in early 2016. As always, NATIONSTAR has been creating its top image and enhancing its brand awareness by participating in professional global exhibitions and forums in the years to come.

NATIONSTAR has achieved very good cooperation and built friendly relationship with many clients, spread a universal sales and service network with high-quality products and professional service for decades, the company name is now closely tied to the LED manufacturing field.
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